Fashion has a life cycle; it is born, it matures, it dies - and is then reborn.

Inspired by the cyclical notions of past fashion trends, as well as contributing to a more ethical and sustainable way of living The Ninety Mile Store was created - established in 2016. 
As an Australian-based sustainable and contemporary fashion label, we utilise the quirks of one-off vintage, recycled and up-cycled pieces combining past and present fashion eras. ​
Everything we stock is hand sourced, handmade or mended and found by yours truly from secondhand stores scattered all across the country.

The collective efforts of those involved in this small yet growing business ensure that each piece is resurrected in a unique condition fit for another lifetime.​ 

We use 100% compostable biodegradable mailing bags as well as recycled paper to wrap every order which is also compostable. Each mailing bag is labelled with FSC certified approved responsible paper stickers to write your mailing address onto, ready for post. FSC is dedicated to the responsible forest management worldwide, meaning that materials used for the product have been responsibly and ethically sourced.

if its good for the earth - its good for us!







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