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Annie is a dear friend of ours and a quirky illustrator. We couldn't be more happy getting together to collab and yet again create some seriously funky content so why not introduce the queen herself.


1. How old are you and where are you from?

My names Adrianne (but I get called Annie), I'm eighteen and I'm currently living in Melbourne, AUS. However I grew up in a little country town called Bairnsdale in East Gippsland.

2. Are you currently studying and if so what?

I'm currently studying Interior Design and Decoration at Swinburne in Hawthorn. I moved to Melbourne in order to continue my studies so thus what I'm doing.

3. What kind of art do you create most?

The artworks I make are generally drawings, but occasionally I paint (mostly watercolour) but that totally depends on my mood and how creative I'm feeling at the time.

4. What is your main use of medium and why?

99 percent of the time you'll find me just using a plain black biro, I'm pretty sure it's just because most of the time when I'm drawing I'm in class and should probably be doing something else, but ya know when you're feeling creative you've got to be creative. The other 1 percent i'll be using a fine liner but that's when I'm sitting down purely to create.

5. How would you describe your own personal style?

Over the past two or so years I've had some really developmental times within my art, and my styles completely changed, but I think my style 'now' is bomb, I'm so happy with what I've created. It's a little bit whacky and a whole lot weird but that's kinda me so I guess if the shoe fits wear it? I'm just doing me and people seem to like it, so for the time being I'll keep it up. I'm sure it'll change sometime soon, just slightly.

6. Where do you primarily source your inspiration?

My main source of inspiration would be people I walk past in the street. I like to look at people and there characteristics then turn them into my characters. It doesn't necessarily mean my people are drawn to represent any one person but, there features I've taken in from people around me.

7. Describe a real like situation that inspired you.

A situation in real time that's inspired me... During year 12 I went to this art exhibition at a gallery called FortyFive downstairs; we got to meet and talk to the artist in residence and part of her exhibition was painting portraits of people that came to suss the exhibition. I guess that inspired me because she was painting un familiar faces in such a short amount of time. It was interesting & so I guess I tried to hone in on that and started drawing faces I saw in the street.

8. How long does it take you to complete an illustration, from brainstorm to finish?

The whole design process takes me anywhere from like 5 minutes to 3 hours. It honestly depends on my mood or how big and intricate what I'm drawing is. There's so many different things that effect the time frame but on average I'd probably say about an hour to an hour and a half from idea to sketch to final.

9. Who is someone you look up to in the industry?

I honestly don't think theres just one person in the art industry that I really look up too, theres just so many I couldn't possibly choose. There is so many incredible artists out there doing there own thing, I look up to them all because eventually I want to be doing what they're doing now for me, but for others.

10. What would your dream project be?

DREAM PROJECT would have to be owning and managing my own magazine.

11. Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years time I can see myself still doodling whilst sitting on the phone. I think my style will have evolved a whole lot, maybe even changed completely, and hopefully I'll be doing a heap of creative things in the industry. (interior designing, making magazines and drawing kooky shit)

12. What is your favourite part of creating?

My favourite part about being a creative is seeing the end product of something I've made up in my mind. That in itself is both interesting and inspiring.


Annie has drawn and come up with 3 sassy gals that represent our funky unique style. These girls are now featured on our website for the world to view. Go to our home page or click here to suss it out!

Thanks Annie x


You can follow Annie's journey on Instagram / @alk_design @anniee.kennedy

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